Optimising care to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Evolution not revolution. Compliment your practice with a digital health solution.

Combining in person and digital health solutions

Designed to enhance your existing practice, facilitate remote care and optimise care pathways, MiOP is easy to implement and provides an easy to use link between patients and surgeons.

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Quick and easy setup…

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Automated Onboarding

Patients are automatically invited to MiOP when added to the portal

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Fully customise your patients journey with personal videos and exercise programmes

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If the surgery date is moved, the patients journey can be adjusted at the click of a button

Live monitoring and reporting.

Track your patients progress, adherence levels and monitor their assessment scores to optimise patient consultation times, improve outcomes and identify early interventions where needed.

What patients say?



“I am a huge fan of the app. I think it’s brilliant and such a good idea. I think it’s brilliant. At 3 weeks post op my physio said I was in better condition than most patients he sees at 6 weeks!”

Allan S.


Happiest I’ve been…

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been going into surgery and the most prepared I’ve been. I am really looking forward to the recovery.”

Karin H.

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